Zero-Knowledge Proof KYC

with three-point live identity verification and AI

Empower your business with our no code solution, built-in application authenticator at the login level, and user access management tools for all Web3.0 and decentralized applications.

Know Your Digital Customer

Transform your customer identification process with our patented Web3.0 authenticator at the digital wallet level and a zero-knowledge proof KYC protocol built into an easy-to-use component. Experience enhanced user privacy while ensuring the security and integrity of your decentralized applications.

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Enterprise Grade Security

Protect your business with our biometric facial recognition software, government issued ID verification, and live video recording all stored on US based encrypted servers for up to 12 months. With our solution, you can confidently verify identities while checking against government database recognized AML, anti-terrorist, and anti-fraud records.

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Global Regulation Compliance

Ensure that your business stays compliant with the constantly changing global standards for digital asset security. Our team stays up to date on ongoing global legislation to provide your business with advanced knowledge and the best possible protection.

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Innovative digital identity solutions that empower your products and services. ValidEntry helps you prevent identity theft, streamline compliance processes, and improve the customer experience.
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