It all starts with the user journey.

We're on a mission to deliver a user focused experience that minimizes cost and is designed on compliance frameworks. Deliver a seamless, automated onboarding experience for individuals, corporate organizations and entities while ensuring scalability. Join us in redefining identity verification.

Our vision

There are millions of digital financial scams happening daily across the globe. Our vision is simple, play our part in mitigating digital fraud by building real-world, practical, security based solutions.

ValidEntry is building a world in which no one, regardless of status, needs to worry about digital fraud. Our human centric, AI focused approach to technology allows verification anytime, anywhere in the world, and on any device. We believe in continual learning while adapting to an ever-shifting global market resulting in enormous amounts of money saved and individual protected.

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Powerful technology, simplified

Trust-first security based software entwined with a true consultative approach enables global companies to run powerful digital integrations. Our software fights fraud, deploys layers of security across applications, reduces platform violations, vulnerabilities, and risk. We empower teams with innovative digital transformation tools and enhance user engagement.

Digital risk mitigation is not easy. The Valid Entry team works with each client individually to assess needs and deploy a threat stopping armory at the click of a button.

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