Data Protection, Prioritized

Supporting Growth Safely

Keep your onboarding processes compliant with the changing requirements in the global marketplace. Ensure data is processed securely and in accordance with the correct global standard. Enforce employee security compliance by limiting critical system and information access.

Mitigate Breach

The ValidEntry system prevents one user from creating a large number of pseudonymities to gain control over a platform by cataloging wallets per user. Maintain integrity of control utilizing the VE data structure.

Encrypted Data

Our easily integrated web component calls to heavily encrypted servers to validate authenticity. Three lines of code is all it takes!

Data Ownership

Semi-Self Sovereign Identification empowers your customers with true control that limits information shared. ValidEntry doesn't share or sell consumer data.

Cut Costs

Don’t worry about certifying your team to hold personal identifying information. Identification without the costly start up costs or inherent server risks.

Start protecting your business

Innovative digital identity solutions that empower your products and services. ValidEntry helps you prevent identity theft, streamline compliance processes, and improve the customer experience.
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